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And now what?

We’re nearly half way through 2020 and what a 6 months!  It started inconspicuously enough in January, we all just knuckled down after our Christmas break and vowed to drink less, train for marathons etc.  February was wet, very wet, I was worried they might run out of names for all the storms we were getting and our race-course had an identity crisis thinking it was a lake.

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But then March arrived . Strange things were happening in Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, USA…. Countries were in Lockdown and then suddenly we were.  It was strange, very strange.  Now 13 /14 (I’ve lost track) weeks on, things are really looking up, that huge staple of British life is re-opening – the pub. 

I’ve never known life without a pub before.  As kids we would cycle out to a country pub as a family and have blackcurrant and lemonade in a beer garden.  As a teenager, going to the pub with friends signalled we’d grown up.  As a student and traveller, I worked in pubs, and all through my adult life I’ve had great social times in pubs and met some great friends. 

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So these past few months have been de-railing in lots of ways, not just in a work sense and everyone’s work seems to have been affected, some have struggled to do their work, others have been overworked and some have been stopped from working altogether, through no fault of their own.  People have lost loved ones, some have been affected by the virus themselves but thankfully come through it. But we’ve all been affected in a social sense, our social lives were restricted like never before with restrictions on how often we could leave the house, who we could meet and where we could meet (parks have never been so busy).

That’s why 4th July is such an anticipated date, as we can go to the pub, meet friends and family.  It might be different, as we won’t be able to stand at the bar, but it’s progress towards normality. I’m grabbing it because very little has felt normal in the last few months and whilst we’ve all “just got on with it”, there has been a very unsettled undercurrent trying to pull us down, when we just want to get out of the choppy sea and onto the security of dry land again.

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