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Another year wiser

It often seems that we live in an environment that celebrates youth and supports the theory that ageing is something that should be feared.  It’s true that our bodies can change as we age, we might put on a bit more weight, have a few more aches and pains and need a bit more recovery time from exercise.  But what we also gain as we age is insight and experience, we know our bodies and our minds.  We know how much sleep we ideally need, what we need to eat to feel at our most energetic, how beneficial yoga can be to ease our stiff backs, what training we can subject our bodies to before they break, how long we can concentrate for before we give into distractions and much more.

This acquired knowledge about ourselves means that we can be more successful as we age.  We might have tried and failed at a few things along the way but we’ve learnt from all of those experiences and it’s unlikely that we’ll make the same mistakes again.  Infact, those failures have helped us to realise what we actually want and how we can achieve it.

Speak to any runner and I’m sure they can tell you about at least one bad race they’ve had.  They might have paced it badly, got their fuelling wrong, worn too little or too much, not trained enough or done the wrong training, ran whilst injured….  But what I’m also sure of, is that the same runner will go on to tell you that they learnt from that bad race/s and they came back stronger.

virtual assistant worcester

Because we’re like sponges really, we soak up everything.  It’s not just babies that are amazed by everything that they see and experience, there’s always something for us to learn and benefit from, our knowledge and experiences are as unique as we are.  So instead of dreading getting older, we should celebrate being another year wiser.

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