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Autumn – a time for achieving

It’s hard not to feel the loss of Summer at the moment, especially the long, light days, that are  rapidly slipping away from us.  But there are some advantages to cooler weather, that’s more conducive to sitting in front of a laptop than in a beer garden.  I find that Autumn is a great time for achieving.  Work is trickling in more and there’s a structure to my week again.  It is also far more pleasant training and racing when the temperature is less than 20 degrees.

This year, I took a break from racing during the Summer (racing 2 marathons in a month can do that to people!).  I took part in some Cycling Sportives, which are more about the distance and the pitstops (although it is still nice to see how fast you can do them in).  Parkrun became fun again, running at a nice pace and chatting and training was simply running for fun and ticking over.  But now Autumn has arrived and suddenly it’s about racing again.  I did my first 10k race in a long time a couple of weeks ago and it was ridiculously nerve-racking.  I raced my first parkrun in ages on Saturday and it was hard but so satisfying to really push and really race and this Sunday is Worcester 10K – I love this race!

I run around the river all the time and I probably know every inch of pathway, bridge infrastructure and wild flowers on the route but racing Worcester 10K is something else. It has all the buzz of a big city Marathon with a fraction of the logistical hassle.  Running legends descend on Worcester (Paula Radcliffe and Jo Pavey have both ran it and Steve Cram will be there ensuring it runs smoothly) and practically everyone I speak to seems to be running it, or the Half Marathon (even people I didn’t know were runners).  It really is a highlight of the year.

So whilst Summer has been great, the racing and working opportunities that Autumn brings are something to look forward to and appreciate.  When the festivals are over and the beer gardens are too cold, there’s suddenly a lot more time for training and achieving our goals, embrace it now as it’ll be Spring again before you know it.

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