Don’t give up

It has been quite a week for this local VA.  A typical week I guess for most self-employed people.  One where you assess how you’re getting on.  You’ve marketed yourself by as many means possible, within the budget you have. This typically involves getting  your website seen, promoting yourself on Social Media and going networking. Inevitably, there comes a point when you start expecting certain results.

This week I guess I’ve been taking stock, wondering how I can increase my number of clients.  I haven’t promoted my business on Social Media too much, just published my blog.  I’ve mainly posted about my interests (running and cycling) and the engaging national and international Sport that has been taking place.  I guess in a way I’ve been wondering where to go next.

However, on Wednesday I received a phone call from a prospective client who had been searching for a local VA and had found me on Google.  It was such a relief to realise that the Marketing that I had been doing had worked.  To see that sometimes you have to put the work in first and then wait for the rewards, there is no short cut (a bit like training for a marathon).  As you might set yourself a target of wanting X clients by Y date but until those clients want the services that you’re offering, they won’t look for you.  The secret is to make yourself visible ready for when they do want to find you and be patient.

Playing the waiting game isn’t easy but if there is a demand for your services and you’re confident in your abilities and promote them via the right means, clients will find you.  Self-employment isn’t an easy option but I’ve realised that it is the most satisfying, there is nothing better than having control over your own workload.  Just don’t give up.

waiting for the tide - local VA

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