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I’m writing this blog on a wet and cold Sunday afternoon, which might sound like I’m complaining but I’m not.  Getting on my bike on a crispy morning and cycling out to Martley to do a spot of marshalling was lovely.  Marshalling in the sunshine, out in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside, was cold but a lovely relaxing experience.  Cycling back with a fellow club mate was also great.  So you see I’m not complaining because I’ve been lucky enough to make the most of the dry weather.

Now that we’ve had a week of “the darkness”, seizing the daylight has become really important. I predicted that going out for a run in the dark would be a real test of willpower and it certainly has been.  In fact, getting out the door to go anywhere has become harder, now that the evenings are longer.  It’s a good job there have been fireworks and bonfires to tempt people out this week.

As Autumn/Winter stretch out in front of us, one thing that gets me through this dark time, is the Cross Country season.  Yesterday, I raced my first race of the Season.  It wasn’t muddy, it wasn’t particularly cold, it wasn’t wet and it wasn’t hilly but it was still tough!  It’s always tough.  But that’s part of the appeal, it unites us as a team, we can acknowledge that it was hard but we got through it and it will make us stronger.

That’s the key, we don’t mind putting the effort in and being challenged if we know we’re gaining something from the experience.  Whether it’s better health, losing weight, getting fitter or making more money, if there’s a reward for our actions, we’re happy to invest time and energy.  So if you’re getting de-motivated by “the darkness”, try and seize the daylight, as much as you can.  The days are short but the countryside really is beautiful at the moment.

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