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Everyone should have one….

I’m very lucky, a lot of June for me was spent on holiday.  I discovered that it’s not until you’re on holiday that you realise how much you needed one.  The luxury of not having to work, go shopping, cook, clean, do the gardening, do the washing….. is under-rated.  Decisions were mainly limited to where to sit on the beach, which bikini to wear and which Gin to have in my Gin and Tonic.  Nothing too taxing I’m sure you’ll agree.  So whilst on holiday, it’s not just our bodies that are given a break, but our brains too.

This really is important, mental overload can be exhausting when we’re constantly juggling tasks or working on projects without a break, our performance can really suffer.  This means that we can get so tired and confused that tasks can take longer, leading to more stress and burnout.

There’s a reason why Annual Leave is included in employee contracts.  Employers recognise that a burnt-out workforce is not a productive workforce.  Therefore, it’s useful for the self-employed to take this on board.  We can’t provide a decent service if we are worn out! Also we shouldn’t see a holiday as two weeks without earning, we should see it as an investment in our future income.  I’m lucky as I can work for anywhere, but working whilst on holiday, means that I would be depriving myself of the benefits that a holiday should offer.

Since coming back, I have been really busy, as there’s always an element of catching up to do, but I’ve also felt more motivated, mainly due to the brain break.  So as the School holidays are about to begin, I hope you enjoy them.  You can never feel too relaxed on holiday and hopefully we can all bring a sense of calm back home with us.

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