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Do you trust me?

I’ve started increasing my networking activity in the last few weeks.  This invariably means standing up for 60 seconds and telling the room what I do and why they need my services.  This might be the first time that some of the networkers have met me or even heard of me, so why on earth would they take a leap of faith and engage me to assist them with their work?  I guess the answer is that I have to convince them that they can trust me and this is not just relevant in a work context.  Trust is probably the most important ingredient in any relationship.  When trust has broken down it is unlikely to ever be repaired.

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I’m sure there isn’t anyone that hasn’t put their faith in someone only for that belief to be shattered.  Whether it was that first boyfriend/girlfriend that broke your heart, that friend that disclosed your big secret after promising they never would or the employer that told you that your new job offered great prospects, only to make you redundant.  In each of these scenarios, it’s unlikely that we would care to repeat the experience, our trust has been irrevocably damaged. Therefore, in a business context, it’s important to firstly instil trust and then do all we can to ensure that it thrives, because once it’s gone, it really is gone.

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So how do we go about inspiring and then nurturing trust? Well the inspiring part is the hardest in my opinion and it’s not a quick process, I don’t expect anyone to engage my services after meeting them at one networking event but if they meet me regularly and possibly chat to other people that have met me or that I’ve worked for, hopefully they will form a favourable impression of me.  The nurturing trust part should be easier, if we have a good work ethic, pride ourselves on providing a high standard of work and treat others how we would like to be treated (i.e. being honest, maintaining confidentiality, paying on time etc), surely we’re onto a winner?

I can only speak from my own perspective but if someone I work for shares the same values as me and maintains those values, we have a mutual trust, which hopefully won’t be broken.  Because reputation takes a long time to build but seconds to destroy, so it’s definitely worthy of our time and effort.

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