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Getting onto the roller coaster

I’ve been on some adventures during my life: 12 months travelling around Australia, 6 months working in Corfu, Three Peaks challenge, getting married in Vegas and travelling around California…..But when I decided that it would be a good idea to become self-employed and work from home, I had no idea this would feature on my list of adventures too.

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I knew it wouldn’t be easy, finding clients, getting them to trust and believe in me and trying to keep them on board long term but I hadn’t realised quite what a long term project it would be. Or what an unstable position, self employment puts us in.  I don’t think anyone can predict how many clients they’ll have at the start and end of each year, or how much they’ll be earning, how many hours a week/month they’ll be working, it really does seem to be a constantly changing landscape.  So why on earth does anyone put themselves through it?

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Last year alone there were 660,000 companies started up in the UK, that’s at least 660,000 people in any one year, relying on their charms, talents and business sense to make a decent living for the rest of their working lives.  This figure includes school leavers, graduates, over 65s and people who have been employed for years and either have been made redundant or become disillusioned with their job and wanted more creative freedom.

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Whatever the reason we decide to get up early and go networking, actively engage in Social Media Marketing and juggle the demands of different clients, I think we’ll all agree that it’s an adventure that never ends.  The fear of not having enough work to pay the bills in any particular month is matched by the joy of setting our own working hours.  The general feeling of never quite being sure whether a client will still be with us this time next year, is matched by the desire to produce our best work all the time. The creativity that we can tap into to think of different services we can offer and ways to market ourselves, is something that keeps us moving forward and ensures that life is never boring.

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So it seems that once you take the plunge and get onto the roller coaster of self employment, it’s hard to get off and through the ups and downs and twists and turns, you know that you’re enjoying the ride of your life.

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