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How we market ourselves

Today I am mostly devoting to Marketing.  This morning I went to a very enjoyable Breakfast Networking meeting at NFB, Worcester, and now I am thinking about how to promote my services online.  The thing is, I’m finding it quite difficult.  I write Social Media posts for other companies, shouting about their services but when it comes to my own, I’m worried about being too pushy.  But the reality is that if businesses don’t know that I exist and can offer a valuable service, they won’t engage me.  So Marketing myself is pretty important.

I’ve wondered about how to tackle the selling myself bit, without overly selling myself, and I’ve decided that I’m going to interview myself about why businesses should use my services, so here goes….

Why do you think that small businesses should hire you as a Virtual Assistant?”

 Well the main thing I can offer a small business is flexibility.  Employing a member of staff is quite a big commitment and when times are a bit lean, you might have to lay them off, which is very stressful for all concerned.  I work for businesses on a long-term or adhoc basis, so you only have to hire me whilst you have work for me.

“What type of work do you do?”

I do a variety of work for the businesses that I work for, last week I was taking the minutes at a Disciplinary Hearing.  I also write blogs and Social Media posts for companies.  Then there is the day to day stuff like checking emails and responding on behalf of businesses, processing orders, raising invoices, monitoring accounts and sending statements.  I can write website content and update WordPress websites, create events on Eventbrite and send out email campaigns on Mailchimp.

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So that was me doing a bit of selling, and it wasn’t too painful.  If your business could benefit from the services I can offer, contact me for more information.

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