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It’s coming…..

I’ve tried to avoid it but there’s no getting away from it any longer – CHRISTMAS IS COMING.  I know this isn’t news to anybody, as the Christmas adverts seem to have been going on for months and the shops have had their Christmas stock in since the Summer (or maybe it just feels like it!).  But I’ve reached a level of acceptance about the inevitable, it’s on it’s way whether I like it or not.

On the whole I do like Christmas: I like the Christmas holiday, the nights out, seeing people that I haven’t seen since last Christmas, the Christmas cheer, Christmas Day with family, the food, the Christmas lights and decorations.   What I don’t like so much is the present buying, not because I’m particularly tight but because I find that thinking of great presents to buy is exhausting and stressful.  I can cope with Birthday presents, as that’s just one present for one person.  But when faced with different presents for different people and trying to be original with all of them….well I get a knot in my stomach. I’ve learnt that physical reactions to stress, need alleviating pretty rapidly, so solutions need to be found.

So what’s the solution?  Well the same as last year, just buy for the children and friends/family that want to buy presents too.  As it turns out, quite a few people are happy to reduce their Christmas present shopping lists too and just concentrate on having fun, rather than rushing around the shops or spending hours online.  I know this isn’t what the shops want to hear but I don’t really want to buy into the idea of excess, I want to just buy what is necessary instead of wasting money on presents that I’m not that happy with.  I feel like my Christmases are starting to resemble “The Good Life” where expenses were spared and they made their Christmas presents (if I was more creative this would definitely be a possibility).

Therefore, as it’ll soon be time to open that first door on the Advent Calendar (I do love the countdown) do whatever will make your December and Christmas as fun and least stressful as possible.  You don’t have to buy into the spend, spend, spend culture that the retailers like to conjure up, if you don’t want to.  It’s your Christmas and although the Three Kings brought presents, I’m sure baby Jesus would’ve just been happy that they turned up to enjoy the party.

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