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It’s life but not as we knew it…

Once upon a time, in another time but not that long ago, there was an island in the Western Hemisphere.  This island wasn’t very big but it was made up of 4 countries and 66 million people.  On the whole, this little island ticked along nicely.  The inhabitants moaned a bit, they enjoyed doing that, but they also laughed A LOT.   People went out to the theatre, cinema, festivals, gigs, restaurants, pubs (they especially liked pubs).  They played sport and watched it, they went on holidays all over the world, food was plentiful, kids went to school and people went to work, there were meetings.  Then it all changed…..

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A virus which had seemed a million miles away was suddenly in Europe and Italy no less, a place that these islanders went on holiday!  As if overnight, countries started closing their borders, planes to Spain were turned around mid air,  Premier League and Championship football was cancelled, Spring marathons were postponed and then one by one every sport seemed to follow suit.  The inhabitants were told to avoid social contact, which meant at work, down the pub, restaurants….. Every cinema in the country closed down, then Glastonbury was cancelled, schools were closing…

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It sounds like a fairytale doesn’t it?  If only it were but it is very much a scary reality.  The life that the whole world had taken for granted has changed unimaginably.  Nearly everything we enjoyed has been taken away and I’m sure I’m not the only one that wishes they could wake up from this nightmare and go back to the life we knew but maybe didn’t always appreciate.

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I’m sure there will be an end to this but no-one knows when and it might not be the classic happy ending, as people are dying.  But we can get through it I’m sure.  I just hope that we all remember this time, when things are normal again, and savour the little things like being together, going to the pub and knowing that you can get a tin of beans in the supermarket when you need them.  Stay strong.

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