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Moving forward

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It’s been quite a year.  A year full of change, loss, uncertainty, worry and much more.  But it has also been a year where a lot of us have taken stock of what he have and what we want.  The uncertainty of work within certain sectors, such as retail, hospitality, events and travel has led to many people realising life long ambitions and starting their new business, writing the book that has been brewing inside their head for decades, learning a new trade or skill, or simply reassessing what they want from life.

content writing worcester

But most of the time, these new aspirations and directions haven’t just appeared like a Eureka moment in our heads, they’ve developed gradually because let’s face it we’ve had a lot of time to think during the three lockdowns.  Also we’ve been blessed with a wealth of information and resources to research exactly how we can achieve our aims.  Google has never been so busy.

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The amazing thing is how resilient we’ve become.  When we were told a year ago that pubs, gymns, shops etc would shut, we couldn’t mix with anyone outside of our households and we had to socially distance from everyone, it felt like a dream, too bizarre to possibly be reality.  Yet here we are, 12 months on and swerving our way around people, we come across on the paths in our neighbourhood, feels really normal.  Working from home and having endless zoom/google/teams meetings is just a part of our world now.  A lot of us aren’t even drinking much now, without the social element of being in the pub, club, restaurant, going to a gig, the theatre, cinema…   Drinking just feels different and we’re less inclined to lose any of the precious next day to a hangover, if we haven’t had the party to make it all worthwhile.

So a lot of us are doing other stuff like home improvements, getting our gardens ready for Spring/Summer, getting fit or fitter ready for that Summer holiday we’re hoping for.  In our heads we’re moving on, I like to think that I’m packing this year away bit by bit into a suitcase, which will be zipped up and put under the bed away from the everyday things of use and value.  This suitcase will not be opened very often but I might just sneak a peak inside every now and then, to check that this past year really happened and to remind myself how precious freedom is.

I’ve been busy learning new skills, so if you want help with updating your website as well as any admin, financial and social media content, contact me.

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