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New year, new you?

 We’ve reached the middle of January already.  January is a strange month, as it’s often portrayed as the most depressing month of the year and the time to make drastic changes to our lives.  This is great news for gyms, the diet industry and sportswear manufacturers as people make a concerted effort to change how they look.  If you want to look and feel better then it’s the best time to try and make that change, as you get bombarded with advice everywhere you turn.

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However, what if you’re quite happy with your lot, the way you look and your level of fitness?  Should you make more of an effort to find something to upgrade or change at this time of year?  Someone asked me what my New Year’s resolution was and I said, “I haven’t got one”, then I felt guilty for not making an effort to change something, so I thought about what I could alter.

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Normally it’s all about losing weight and getting fitter but I’ve been running regularly for nine years now and this pretty much covers both bases.  I have goals in terms of my work and hobbies but I’m not sure these qualify as New Year’s resolutions, they’re more ongoing aims and ambitions.   I have a big trip planned this year but that’s more to do with an age milestone occurring than a New Year.

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So, can January just signify renewed energy and enthusiasm for a New Year?  That’s what it means to me.  Christmas was a nice break, but it has been good to get back to normality, to know what day of the week it is without having to check.  January also signifies getting stuck into Marathon training, which might seem like an uncomplicated thing to do, you just run more often and further don’t you?

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It can be that simple or it can become a huge project involving researching the right training plan, the right “key” races before the big day, getting the diet right – high glycemic v low glycemic foods, the right recovery strategy, the best trainers for different workouts, I could go on….

I guess really January signifies a new start, a new you, new enthusiasm or whatever you want it to be.  It’s a chance to reset your brain or body but if you don’t want to change anything that’s fine too.  We don’t have to take every opportunity that comes our way.

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