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Today I’m tired.  I’m currently in week 3 of Marathon training and I have been doing what the experts term “over-reaching”.  This basically means that I have stepped up my training and I’m pushing my body as far as I can, at this stage of the game, without getting injured.  It’s tough, especially when it’s dark and cold outside but something is making me lace up my trainers, cover up every piece of skin (except my face), start my Garmin and get out the door.

And it’s not just me, half of my running club seem to be training for a marathon, I bump into other runners (thankfully not literally) every time I leave the house and I can’t keep up with all the activity on Strava.  At the bleakest time of year, people are motivated.  So what is spurring us on?

Personally, I’m not going to win London Marathon, or come anywhere close, but I hope to get a good result for me.  But it’s not just about the time I get, it’s about how I cope with the marathon, the psychological and physical battles I’ll go through and not just in the race.  The training can take you to your limits but the feeling of satisfaction when you’ve gone out on Sunday morning for a 16 mile run, instead of staying in a warm bed can’t be described.

Whilst my personal goal is London Marathon, other people have different challenges they’re taking on and it’s the striving towards these aims and ambitions, that makes us tick.  Because whilst most of us enjoy our work, and it often can be a challenge, it’s not the only one in our lives and for a lot of us it’s more of a mental stimulation. A lot of us need to push ourselves more, especially physically, to see what our bodies can do, to see what hard work can really achieve.

So whilst I’m enjoying my rest day, I’m also looking forward to getting back to it tomorrow.  Because if I’m not over-reaching, I’m stagnating and no-one wants to stand still for too long.

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