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Planning ahead

I’ve never been much of a planner, more of a “what will be, will be” sort of person.  But as we approach the last Quarter of 2018, I think that it’s important to do a mental audit of this year and decide what needs doing by the end of the year and into 2019.  Because one of the perks of living in the UK is that we have distinct seasons, each with its own advantages and disadvantages and whilst we might think that we stumble blindly from one season to the next, it’s not often the case.

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After what was the best Summer, weather wise, that I can remember since I was 7 years old, it has been hard to let go of the long, hot days but alas it has to be done.  There’s no ignoring it anymore – Summer is over and Autumn has taken up residence.  So what needs to be attended to in Autumn?  Well sorting out some warm clothes would be a start! As I resist the urge to put the heating on before the end of September, layers seem to be the way forward.  Then there are the shorter days to contend with, if I want to get out and run in the daylight, the latest feasible time for this is 6pm, this will obviously get earlier and earlier as the weeks pass…

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Autumn requires a bit of planning, a bit of adjustment and a bit of acceptance.  In return it offers some beautiful visual delights with the leaves on the trees changing colour and some beautiful sunsets.  As the focus moves from spending time outside, it turns to tidying up the garden, putting away the BBQ, cosy evenings in front of the log burner and curling up in front of the TV.  So it’s time to plan ahead, decide what needs to be done, so we can really embrace Autumn and all of its cosy splendour, before we slip effortlessly into Winter.

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