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Rest – it’s not a dirty word.

The Easter holidays have arrived and with them the opportunity to wind down and relax, if we allow ourselves.  But, instead of resting, it’s likely that most of us will use the extra time to do stuff around the house and garden, which is fine if we also allow ourselves some time out to just catch our breath and unwind. However, from personal experience I know this is hard to do.

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So why do we find it so hard to do nothing? Well I think the problem is that we’re all so time poor.  Advantages in technology mean that we’re always contactable, so we’re constantly responding to texts, emails, social media notifications.  Congestion on the roads mean that it takes us much longer to actually travel anywhere and from a personal angle, there’s always something to train for (currently London Marathon).  So any “spare” time we have, is often allocated to chores.

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But I know from bitter experience, that if I don’t allow myself the opportunity to rest during these final two weeks of London Marathon training, all the hard work will have been for nothing. As it’s likely that I would turn up at the start line worn out and not enjoying what really is a privilege.  Equally, if we don’t allow ourselves the opportunity to recharge our batteries over Easter, we will return to work as worn out as we were before we broke up.

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Therefore, I might use the extended Easter break to make my garden look better but I will also be taking the opportunity to sleep in later, read in the garden and generally not rush around doing anything too strenuous.  Because we are not machines.  We can only expect our bodies and minds to perform well, if we allocate time to rest and regeneration.  I doubt Mo Farah or Eliud Kipochoge will be carrying out DIY this weekend, instead they’ll be getting the right amount of rest to ensure they’re in peak condition when they line up at the start line.  That’s what I intend to do too because whilst my goals are more modest, I suspect the effort expended will not be.

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