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School holidays – they’re not just for kids

Half Term is a great invention, allowing Teachers and students time to relax and re-energise ready to get back into work for the rest of the term.  Well I’m not either of these but I have felt the same sense of wind-down this week.  Whilst still working, the pace has felt easier, which in turn has led to more time to think and plan.  This makes me realise that rushing around, juggling work isn’t always the best answer.

Because we are all so busy these days: working, commuting, shopping, cooking, tidying, keeping up with Social Media, training for marathons (I appreciate this doesn’t apply to everyone but at the moment, it seems as though it does).  So many of us are feeling mentally and physically burnt out, that the thought of regular “School holidays” is very appealing.

However, not many of us have the holiday entitlement to take time off every School holiday but we can allow ourselves time to wind down.  The roads should be quieter when the Schools are off, so we can allow ourselves a bit longer in bed.  If our children are School age, we’ll probably take a bit of time off to spend with them, even if it’s just a day, it’s a nice break.  Our work might be affected by more people being off during this time, so we’ll have less to do and instead of worrying about this, we should enjoy the time to catch up on things and get more creative.

So as Half Term comes to a close, I’m looking forward to getting stuck back into work on Monday, even though I haven’t officially been off this week.  Maybe that’s the key, we can trick ourselves into thinking we’re on holiday, when really we’re just starting work a bit later and finishing a bit earlier?  It seems that any change to our routine can make a difference.

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