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Seasons in the sun

The clocks changed yesterday, meaning no more walking home in daylight or light evenings in beer gardens, just darkness.  It sounds depressing but if we flip it on it’s head, it also means cosy nights in front of the log burner or nights out at a cosy pub in front of someonelse’s log burner.  Basically, life now involves creating warmth as opposed to it being provided by nature.  Because nature is very kind to us, from March until the end of October, she provides us with natural central heating and days that involve plenty of hours of daylight.  Even when our days become shorter, we’re often greeted by sunshine and blue sky.

At this time of year, it’s the adjustment to the change of Season that can be the hardest, not long ago, I was running in a vest and shorts and today, I was searching for my gloves.  It can be a bit disorienting.  People are starting to ever so subtly mention the “C” word, when I’m just not ready to acknowledge that it’s on the horizon.  It’s a case of letting the idea of Autumn bed in a bit first before introducing the prospect of even darker days to come, best to take it one step at a time.

It’s well documented that people can struggle with energy levels at this time of year and if we could hibernate, I’m sure a lot of people would.  But we’ve got 4 months of darkness and unless we’re lucky enough to have second properties in sunnier climates, we had better try to enjoy it.  It might require a bit more planning but if we can all manage to fit a daytime walk, cycle or run in, we’re still getting our nature “fix” and those dark nights inside might not seem so hard.

So if you’re finding it difficult to adjust to the end of British Summer Time, hang in there.  You’ll soon be enjoying the lack of gardening and curling up in front of the fire.  There’s also something lovely about feeling the cold air on your face, whilst the rest of you is wrapped up warm or going out for a run and gradually feeling the warmth escalate through your body and up to your face.  It’s only four months, embrace it.

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