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The calm before the Storm

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Four days ago I was running a hilly half marathon around Birmingham.  It was 20+ degrees and the sun was beating down on us – it was tough!  Fast forward to today and it’s wet, cold and miserable.  No-one could ever accuse the weather in the UK of being complacent.

So how does the average resident of this small island cope with this smorgasbord of weather?  Well it appears to me that we cope in a variety of ways ranging from moaning (whether it’s hot or cold), humour (probably why we have produced some of the best Comedy) or making the most of whatever is thrown at us.  So when moaning doesn’t make any difference, we often laugh about the fact that it’s chucking it down and head out for a run/to the pub/ for a walk/get creative etc.

Surely this adaptability and ability to just get on with it is advantageous to our character and ability to cope with the unexpected? Would having wall to wall sunshine like the Canary Islands make us all soft?  You only have to look at clips of people having fun in the mud at Glastonbury to realise that we’re equipped to make the best of a bad situation.

Therefore, in the same way that we seize a sunny, warm day to do something special because it might rain tomorrow, it’s also important to seize the days when things are good in our lives. To take a moment to appreciate the calm, the normalness, feeling of contentment.  Because next week or next year, a storm might descend and rock the very foundations of our lives.  When/if this happens, we’ll need to put on our protective layers and deal with it.

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