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The issue with trust

Throughout our day to day lives we place a great deal of trust in the things and people around us.  For example, we trust that the sun will come up every morning, that when we cross the road the cars won’t speed up and run us over, the letter we post will get there….  Similarly we trust our partners to be faithful, our family and friends to be loyal and the people who provide us with a service to be honest, do the work we request and deliver on time. 

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In the latter instance, we have often built up a mutual trust over a length of time but how do we initially learn to trust someone we don’t know, to provide the service we want?  After all, we all have to start somewhere and there are new businesses starting up all the time at the moment, hoping to get noticed alongside the established brands. 

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Initially the new business might seem like the new kid on the block slowly finding ways to get noticed.  They might start appearing at networking or training events we attend, where we get to see and hear them and get a feel for what they are about.  Or we might notice them popping up on Twitter, during Worcestershire Hour or similar.  We might receive an email from them.  They might appear in the Chamber of Commerce Business Direction magazine.  We might spot them on Linkedin, as a mutual connection has shared or commented on their post.  Curiosity could lead us to google them and click on their website.  We might like what we see and read and decide that we want to work with them.

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Effectively, at this point, everything has worked and trust has been established.  However, it doesn’t stop there.  Trust needs to be nurtured, one bad review or controversial social media post could damage the trust in our brand for a long time and once trust is lost, it might take a lot of effort and money to get it back.

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So we need to think of ourselves as being our brand, everything we do in our work or personal lives is instrumental to building the trust others place in us.  So letting people know who we are, what we like doing, what makes us tick, can help to build a complete picture of what we believe in and how we treat our fellow humans, which could just be the deciding factor as to whether we’re trusted or not.

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