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The power of being flexible

It has been a trying time for many of us lately.  The crazy “Spring” weather has not been entirely in keeping with what you would expect for March in the UK, it has been more akin to December in Siberia.  Allotments remain untouched, events have been cancelled all over the place, travel has been a nightmare and our Winter wardrobe has remained well and truly in use.

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But what the unpredictable weather has taught us, is that it is important to adapt and remain flexible.  Although it aggrieves us, there are some things in life that we just can’t control, the weather being top of that list.  So while being out of control can seem a bit scary, it can also be useful to shake us up a bit, disrupt the status quo and force us to do something different.

Because I think we can all be guilty of getting into a routine sometimes.  Doing things on certain days because we always have, eating the same foods, going to the same restaurants, watching the same kind of tv programmes, films, running the same routes etc.  So when we’re forced to do something different, it forces our brains to switch out of auto-pilot and provide an alternative solution.  In other words – problem solve and anything that encourages our brains to be active can only be a good thing – right?

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So whilst the recent weather might have set us back in terms of events we had planned, training we had wanted to do and gardens that remain un-attended to.  Hopefully it will have taught us that we are adaptable and we are not willing to be beaten.  We will just get back on track, reschedule what we can and generally move on more determined than ever.  You see it’s not the setbacks we face but how we deal with them that’s important.

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