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The road back to normality

It seems a long time since anyone would’ve described their lives as “normal”, surreal or bizarre might be more apt but normality hasn’t been around for a few months now.  Everyone’s lives have been affected in some way and we’ve adapted but now life appears to be slowly edging back to something a bit more recognisable. 

We’re gradually processing the extra freedom, the possibility of returning to work, meeting in larger groups, maybe even going to the pub.  But life still won’t quite resemble the one we had before, we might have to divide our lives up into BC – life before COVID-19 and AC –  life after COVID-19, not that it is ever likely to go away completely.  In the same way as the flu, we’ll learn to live alongside it.

At the moment, it’s hard to comprehend how we will progress from social distancing to a world that includes live gigs, festivals, pubs, sport etc again.  We’ve got so used to avoiding social contact now, that the thought of standing right next to someone at a bar seems strange and all that hugging that people normally do, will that ever feel normal again?

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It weird to think that we used to give each other lifts and crowd in together on the tube/train at rush hour, never worrying about getting closer than 2m.  It really does feel like the content of a film I watched not real life.  But it was very real, as were the 5 London Marathons I shared with 40,000 other people.  Imagine that, a race with 100 people would feel extreme now!  I miss those days because although I never knew it at the time, those days represented freedom.

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So we’ll have to see what the AC world is like, it is an unknown one but I think everyone that enters it will be a little bit more grateful for the world we live in.  The birds we hear in our garden, the plants we’re growing for the first time, that new walking route we’ve discovered, the technology that has kept us connected through the tough times and of course our health, because without that we have nothing.


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