virtual assistant worcesterWhat is a Virtual Assistant?

Answer: A Virtual Assistant is an Assistant that works for you remotely, which is ideal if you do not have office space or office equipment for a permanent member of staff.

What does a Virtual Assistant do?

Answer: A Virtual Assistant can do general administrative tasks but we also have a lot of Marketing knowledge and skills. We love doing the important tasks that you don’t have time for like writing your website content, daily/weekly blogs, managing your Social Media pages, which often entails writing Social Media posts for you and scheduling them.  You might need someone that can carry out basic Accounting tasks such as raising invoices and keeping an eye on customer accounts.  We have experience in the following Accounts software: Sage, Quickbooks and Xero. We can also assist with recruitment administration and posting vacancies on Social Media for you.  Take a look at a list of our services.

Do I have to hire a Virtual Assistant for a minimum amount of hours?

Answer: To be cost effective, the minimum amount of hours is 2.  Contact us for a quote.

Do I have to provide any office equipment for a Virtual Assistant?

Answer: No, we provide our own equipment, you will just be charged for stationery (if applicable) at close to cost price.

How does a Virtual Assistant gain access to my email/calendar, Social Media pages and website?

Answer: You can set up a separate email address for us at your company/provide us with details of existing “admin” email accounts, we can then import this inbox into Microsoft Office and send and receive emails on your behalf.  Similarly with your Social Media pages and website, we will need your passwords, which we will keep safe and confidential.  Or you can add me as an admin on your Social Media accounts and I will login with my own email address and password.  We can discuss the options.

What software do you use?

Answer: I use Microsoft Office 2016 and share documents with you via Dropbox or Google docs.

How long will it take you to do my work?

Answer: It depends what work you require me to do.  I will assess what you need and provide you with a realistic completion time and cost when I compile your quote. Contact us for a quote.


If you have any questions that I haven’t answered, feel free to contact me.

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