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Walking a tightrope

I’ve been neglecting my blog writing recently, mainly because my work life has got a lot busier to coincide with my marathon training moving up a level.  I’ve always been committed to my marathon training but this year, I feel as though I am asking a lot more of my body and so far, it seems to be responding without too many grumbles. However, I’m always mindful that there is a fine balance between pushing myself enough to improve and pushing myself too much and my body breaking down.

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But it’s not just marathon training (or any training for that matter) that this applies to. Our relationships, work and lifestyles all rely on a fine balance.  This could be spending the right amount of time with our friends/family to be involved but not too over-bearing, working the right amount of hours to ensure we get enough time to “switch off” and feel refreshed when we return to work but not too much time that we struggle to remember what we were doing.  Also ensuring that we eat and drink the things in life that we enjoy but maybe not too much, if it compromises our health.

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Getting the balance right often involves prioritising different elements of our lives at different points in time.  For example, I can prioritise my marathon training during the Winter as the garden doesn’t need any attention and I’m normally a bit partied out and lacking in money after the Christmas period anyway, so it provides a welcome focus.  I’m sure this plays a part in the popularity of Spring marathons.

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But what if we don’t get it right?  Well, I’m sure we’ve all been there, after a busy/intense period at work, when our workloads seem unsurmountable, we often feel stressed and more often than not, find ourselves suffering from one ailment after another.  Similarly, when we’ve pushed our bodies to the extreme during marathon training, with too many hard sessions and not enough easy sessions and rest, we risk the danger of injury and as so many runners refer to, we lose our mojo.

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So with just under 7 weeks to go until London Marathon, which is my A race, I’m going to try and walk that fine line between pushing and over-training, in the hope that it leads to further improvements and a place on the start line rather than the side line.  I just hope I can get the balance right.

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