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What do the School holidays mean for you?

If you’re a Teacher, it’s pretty obvious what the School holidays mean to you – freedom! Time off from your working routine, School and I’m sure your life will seem alot calmer for a few weeks.  If you’re a parent, School holidays probably mean a disruption to your working routine, the conjuring up of inventive itineraries of trips and activities.  You might find that you make a lot more trips to the Supermarket and there might be extra noise in your normally calm household for the next few weeks.

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For the business owner, School holidays might mean extra sales (if you currently produce products such as paddling pools and ice-cream) or a lean time (if you sell winter coats or thermal underwear).  It could also be a time when you are under-staffed, due to employees taking holidays or working less hours.  You might also be cutting back on your working hours and juggling time with the family whilst trying to keep on top of your work.

Whatever the School holidays mean to you it’s always a good idea to be prepared at home and at work.  In the same way that you’re likely to need to do more food shopping, whilst your kids are off School, if you know you’re likely to be inundated with extra orders/work requests, take on temporary staff, buy more supplies etc.  Similarly, if you’re short on staff, off on holiday yourself or would just simply like to work a bit less over the Summer, ascertain which tasks can be outsourced temporarily or on a more long-term basis and find someone else to do them.

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The School holidays are precious for so many reasons, so if you do get the opportunity to take some time off, grab it.  There are plenty of freelancers who are willing to step in and cover those tasks that need to be done to keep your business ticking over.  You never know you might actually enjoy working less hours.

If you need some extra help with writing and scheduling Social Media posts, or blog writing, over the School holidays contact me to find out how I can help.




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