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Why should you outsource to a Virtual Assistant?

The word is out, there are new businesses starting up every day, which is obviously great news as it means new ideas, new products, new services, new jobs etc.   Starting up in business is exciting and initially you might feel that you want to do everything yourself to keep costs low and have control over your business.  This might work at first, you will probably enjoy all the networking, raising that first invoice and reconciling the payment.  You’ll probably enjoy writing social media content and blogs.  You might even like writing content for your website.

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However, as you get busier and more successful, you might feel as though you can’t keep on top of everything that needs doing.  Your mind might be so full of things to do that there is no room for creativity, so your social media accounts and website content stagnate. You still might feel the time isn’t quite right to take on a staff member, so outsourcing provides the perfect solution.

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An extra pair of hands can take the pressure off you and make your business look more professional.  Virtual Assistants are highly skilled and experienced, so whatever you need help with, you can guarantee that we will either have the necessary skills and knowledge already or we will soon learn what needs to be learnt.

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The pandemic has shown how easy it is for teams to work well together from different locations and your customers and clients won’t even realise that your Assistant isn’t actually an employee. Hiring a Virtual Assistant can give you more time for the important things like working out your path to world domination 😊. 

Here are just some of the advantages of outsourcing your work to me:

  • I work from my own premises, I have all of the hardware and software that I need, so you do not have to provide office space or equipment;
  • You can save money, as you only pay for the hours that I work for you;
  • I am available on an ad hoc or ongoing basis;
  • I am very experienced in administration, social media management, accounting, marketing, writing website content,  etc – so you won’t have to spend much of your time training me;
  • I  can make your business look more professional, as clients will receive correspondence from someone other than just you;
  • If I am concentrating on monitoring your emails and queries, I will respond a lot quicker than you;
  • I will make your working life easier, as I can handle all of your day to day emails and queries, so you don’t have to worry;
  • There are no recruitment costs involving in hiring me;
  • I can look after your business when you’re on holiday;
  • I can promote you and your business on social media, no-one needs to know that I work for you.
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With Mental Health Awareness week next week, it’s a good time to assess your workload and the impact stress might be having on your mental health and wellbeing.  Outsourcing some tasks to a Virtual Assistant could make a big difference to your work and home life.

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