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Where did it all go right?

 I sit here in my little office, on a perfectly normal Friday morning, with a purring cat on my lap and 6 music on in the background and I think to myself “my working life is pretty good”. Self-employment can be scary at times but also extremely liberating.  In fact, I have to admit that my life in general is great. I think that we often don’t take a moment to look at our lives and appreciate what we’ve got and Fridays have always been good for that, marking the end of the week.

I’m almost half way through my marathon training and my body is adapting to it.  I’m not tired all of the time and my legs are not constantly heavy, tingling and niggly, so I can now turn my attention to  what else is going on in the world. The weather is getting better, people are mentioning the lighter mornings and evenings and generally there’s a feeling of optimism that Spring is on its way. People seem happier.

The period after Christmas can be tough, with the post-Christmas come down and the darkness, but we’ve done it, we’ve made it through.  We can now venture out into our gardens, without the fear of frostbite.  As I look out onto mine, I can see daffodils about to burst into life and I’m thinking about what to grow in my greenhouse this year.  It really does feel as though everything is sparking into life again, as well as me.  I’ve got 9 weeks until London Marathon and I’m feeling good about it.  I’m also feeling good about hanging my washing on the line again, watching the trees turn green again and working in the garden.  Sometimes it really is all about the simple things in life.

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