Website content

It is acknowledged that most businesses now have a website.  Your website could be a highly sophisticated Ecommerce website or a more basic brochure website but what they will both have in common is content.  Content is what tells your customers and website visitors about you and your company.  Therefore, it needs to be clear, informative and to the point.  Three features that do not always appear together.

A good website designer can create a website for you but they still often require you to provide the content for your website pages, which if you’re not a keen writer can be daunting.  I can help you to write content for your website, all I need is a bit of information about your company and what you do.

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Writing blogs

One of the first things that SEO experts tell you to do is to write a blog for your website.  Google loves words and it likes website content to be updated regularly.  Therefore, writing a regular blog for your website ticks both of these boxes.  However, a blog should be relevant to your business and mindful of what is going on in the wider world, so it does require a bit of thought and preparation.  As mentioned above, if you’re not a keen writer this can seem daunting.

How I can help

I regularly write my own blog for this website.  Often the topic comes easily and I try to make it topical. There is always something relevant to us and the outside world that can be related back to our own business endeavours, in a concise and interesting way.

However, I enjoy writing, I’ve reviewed Music and Comedy gigs for online magazines and the BBC intranet.  I’ve also had letters and articles published in newspapers and magazines, so I relish the chance to put my thoughts and ideas out there on my blog.

If writing a blog isn’t something that you relish or have time for, I can help.  I can write a regular blog for your website or social media page.  Contact me  for more details or a quote.  Similarly, if you require help writing content for your website, contact me, I would love to help.




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