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A while ago I wrote a blog about social media and how peoples’ constant sharing of everything they did, might make someone else feel bad about their lives.  Well that was pre-pandemic when we could actually go on holiday and socialise without any constraints. Now social media seems to be populated by completely different posts.

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When we went into lockdown it was a scary time but we were all in it together and we all seemed to be supporting each other, lots of jokes were going around and it felt like we were helping each other through what was an extremely bizarre time.  However, as soon as the lockdown started to ease a bit, it began, people were turning against each other.  There were those who felt that we should continue to be locked up because we couldn’t be trusted and there would be a second wave, then there were the people who couldn’t wait to get out of the house more than once a day and meet someone that wasn’t from their household down the park.  Then there were the quieter section of the community that couldn’t go out because they were ill or shielding.  It really was a mix.

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Whilst we’re all individuals and entitled to think in our own way, the worrying thing was that certain people were trying their hardest to influence the other members of society into thinking in the same way as them, often because they had their own agenda.  Scary times when there weren’t any holiday photos or photos of nights out to distract us.  It hasn’t helped that the media have often seemed so biased and negative.

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But we seem to have come through the worst (I really hope), travel is now a possibility, pubs and restaurants are open, the London Marathon might even go ahead 🤞.  So I’m really looking forward to social media becoming somewhere that I catch up on friends’ lives again, even though I might not see them that often, or where I find out about events that I’m interested in. Rather than somewhere that amateur virologists, economists, behaviourists etc like to hang out and try to influence us.  Because in a world where it’s been hard to stay positive, I’m really trying to.

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